Our Offer

We can be your industrial and financial partner

If you are planning to develop small hydropower plants, or if you already have such projects under development or in operation, we can be your industrial, financial and operational partner.

Development of hydropower plants can often be a profitable business opportunity. However, in order to be successful the risk elements in such projects should be considered and monitored very carefully, both in the planning phase and during the project implementation phase.

In such a context we can provide know-how to the project, and be an experienced and reliable partner to you, sharing risk and profit.

We can provide financial and technological resources to the project, and develop it together with you as a joint venture.

Your part could be to provide project rights, permits, concessions etc, and provide services such as project management and follow-up etc.

Payment of such rights and contributions will normally be in form of shares in the SPV (Single Purpose Vehicle, company owning the project).


We have also established good relationships with the Norwegian Eksportfinans ASA and GIEK in Oslo in order to obtain favourable loans. The criteria in such cases will be, to a large extent, to utilize Norwegian suppliers in order to realize the projects.

If this sounds interesting for you, you are welcome to contact us to discuss mutual business opportunities, and discuss what model could be most suitable in your case.