Business Idea

Our business idea is to build, own and operate small and medium sized hydropower plants, by using environmentally friendly solutions.

Our projects are developed in co-operation with local industrial and/or financial partners who have experience and know-how about the local conditions, and legislation in their respective countries.

" we can be your industrial
   and financial partner

The Energy Challenge

Hydropower is the most important and cost effective renewable energy source in the world.

Electricity produced by hydro-power contributes significantly to reduction of CO2 emissions.

The fuel of hydropower plants is running water, which means that the river or the water system can be used for electricity production, while keeping the water available for any other purpose.

Sustainable Development

Development of hydropower plants represents a great business opportunity.

Our vision is that Norhydro shall become a significant contributor to industrial and social development, for the benefit of current and future generations.