About Us

Norwegian Hydropower AS (Norhydro) is a hydropower company which business idea is to build, own and operate small and medium sized hydropower plants, by using environmentally friendly solutions.


Norhydro generates income through the sale of energy and green certificates in countries where such are implemented. Income is also generated through the acquisition, development and sale of projects.

The business is run through subsidiaries in the respective countries, where the subsidiaries are organized as Joint Ventures together with local partners & investors.

Behind Norhydro stand companies and individuals with extensive experience from the hydropower industry and international business development.


Norhydro is situated at the same offices as its affiliated companies MultiControl, EnergiUnion and MiniHydro.

These are engineering companies providing equipment and services to the hydropower industry, and to the offshore oil and gas industry.,/

The companies are able to actively participate in project development through the supply of equipment, and the supply of services such as feasibility studies and project management.

In total the companies represents some 50 highly qualified engineers within various technical disciplines.

Our vision is to establish Norhydro as an internationally recognised and preferred partner for hydropower development, based on experience and traditional values from the Norwegian hydropower industry.