With respect to electricity supply, hydropower is in general the most important source of renewable energy today, and in most countries small hydropower plants are considered as green energy.

In order to increase the share of renewable energy many countries subsidies this sector by different types of grants and loans, and they organize green certificate schemes.

Greater use of renewable energy is necessary in order to:

• Create a sustainable energy system
• Reduce society’s environmental impacts
• Ensure security of electricity supply

Climate change due to CO2 emissions has been defined as the biggest environmental challenge to be faced in the international community today.

On a global level there is no

doubt that converting energy by small hydropower plants will benefit the climate by reducing climate pollution, and give us a secure and lasting source of energy.

The same view can be taken on a regional level when we are talking about local development and employment.

Hydropower - real values for the future

Development of small hydropower plants is a great opportunity to create profitable business, and at the same time contribute to create a sustainable energy production for the future.

During the last 100 years development of hydropower have had a great impact regarding industrial and social development of Norway as a nation.

Today more than 98% of the electricity production in Norway is based on hydropower. The annual electricity production in Norway is approximately 120 TWh/year. Norway is the largest consumer of electricity per capita in the world.

In its international operations Norhydro shall actively seek to utilize the technology, know-how and long tradition of Norwegian hydropower industry.